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Indonesian Borneo Island

If you are looking for a beyond travel guide book adventure, or off the beaten track jungle trails, Kalimantan is the top holiday destination: much bigger, wilder and less touristic chunck of Borneo.

Borneo Island is the land of Dayak tribes and lush rainforests containing some of the richest flora and fauna in the world. The Indonesian part of Borneo is called “Kalimantan” and covers about two-thirds of the island. The northern part of Borneo Island consists of Malaysian Sabah & Sarawak and the tiny oil-rich sultanate, Brunei.

Kalimantan has an intriguing history of sultanates and indigenous Dayak tribes, with a wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive deep within the rainforests of the world’s third's largest island. With its legacy of Chinese, Malay, Hindu, Muslim, and Dutch influences, there is a virtual mosaic of traditions flourishing in the bustling seaports and riverside cities to be discovered.

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Kalimantan Travel Tips

Expect The Unexpected

Even with today's airstrips and boat connections, the Dayak territory of Indonesian Borneo island, is still among the most inaccessible on earth. For adventurers and solitude seekers, Borneo Island is a glorious tourism spot, just far enough from Bali as you could ever hope to get an off the beaten track culture and jungle wildlife experience. Our Tours and Trips are a collection of explorations of dream journeys that reflect our particular places. We created these expeditions for those who are adventures with patients and seek to expect the unexpected, those will enjoy the unforgettable tour experiences of cultures and nature. Due of Kalimantan ‘s wild terrain and field conditions, we recommend participants to use a travel insurance.

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Kalimantan Flora & Fauna

Explore Borneo 's green gold

The flora and fauna of Kalimantan’s montane and lowland forests is amazing and each is an important genetic resource and wildlife habitat. The "green gold" exploitation that began in the late 1960s has destroyed more than half its forests, but a turning point is in process since 2001. Now the Indonesian government and the local people preserve and understand the beauty and wealth of Kalimantan's tropical forests for tourism activities.
World travel guidebooks turned travellers to visit the rehabilitation centres in Kalimantan. Fortunately, recent research survey information draw a brighter picture of forests in good shape and detected an upwards wild animal jungle population including the endangered orangutan.


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