Kalimantan Beauty, The Derawan archipelago contains a few famous touristic tropical paradise islands as Kakaban, Sangalaki, Maratua and Derawan island itself. The white sand beaches and palm trees surrounded by bleu lagoon sea is a dive and snorkel or leisure wonder destination of Indonesia Borneo island.

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Derawan archipelago is the Sea world and bounty white palm beach beauty of Indonesia Borneo Island, it is rich of fish and turtles in the streched coral reefs covering the coastal line of Kalimantan. The Island Derawan is know of its nomadic Bajau Tribe settlement, stilt fishing houses build in the sea, and her whale sharks point. Sangalaki Island has its Turtle beach and huge Manta ray, neighboring Kakaban island has a yelly fish lake and beautiful coral reef wall offshore. Maratua as the largest island in the Derawan archipelago has streched white palm beaches a and forms a bounty oase paradise of Borneo. The luxury private island resorts in the atoll of Maratua island as Nabucco Resort, Nunukan Resort and the Virgin Cocoa Resort, are dive resorts with the best dive spots of the archipelago with the most luxury comfort you could wish


Tour Package Duration 04 Days / 03 Nights

Upon arrival at Tanjung Redep airport, meeting service and transfer to harbor to board a speed boat and cross the Sea to Derawan Island, when lucky dolphins dance along the speedboat ride. Check in at Resort, afternoon possibility for snorkeling or a Derawan village sightseeing tour.

Early in the morning by boat to visit Sangalaki Island which is called the Capital of The Manta Rays, many kinds of exotic fish species can be explored in the coral reefs surounding the island blue lagoon sea, from the huge Mantas, Napoleons, purple sea horses, tunitates, dwarf scorpion fishes, and not to forget the Turtles, for those who wish to spent the night at Sangalaki, could explore the Turtles lay their eggs at the beach.

After breakfast start our trip cross the sea by boat to Berau for your flight to your next holiday destination.

Derawan Travel Facts

Derawan Island is a small bounty paradise archipelago of white palm beaches, surrounded by crystal blue lagoon sea at the coast in East Kalimantan Berau region, of the Indonesian Borneo island. The archipelago is a maritime reserve of about 40.000 hectares rare flora and fauna, such as scaled turtles, belimbing turtles and sea cows.
This Island is occupied by the former nomadic Bajau people, known as the seamen. The preserved sea gardens are beautiful coastal forests are inhabited by sea birds, iguanas, swallows and various crabs habitate the caves. The sea offers possibility for swimming, snorkeling, scuba divingwaters, and other water sports. Diving programs to Sangalaki or Kakaban Islands give you the occasion to swim with elegant mantas. Sangalaki houses also a Turtle Foundation that ensures to lay their eggs as a future safeguard, with your visit you help donate the foundation and preserve the turtles survival of the Derawan Islands Archipelago.
The most thrilling dive spot is found around Kakaban Island, with the Barracuda Point and the colourful wall of Gorganian Forest.
Kakaban Island has an unique jellyfish lake and forms a highlight of e trip to this Indonesia Borneo beach archipelago.

Derawan Weather
Day Temperatures 27 °– 32°C
Night Temperatures 20 °– 25°C
Humidity 80%-90%
Rainfall 4,000mm per year
Wet Months October & June
Dry Months February & August ( but expect daily rain )
During the dry months, the soft tropical storm could make the sea journey a rough adventure.

Derawan Accommodation
The accommodation at Derawan is diverse from a Luxery Resort to simple Lodges

Travel Time & Distance East Kalimantan – Derawan Archipelago
Berau – Tanjung Batu Habor 3 hours by car
Tanjung Batu Harbor to Derawan half hour by speed boat
Derawan to Sangalaki 2 hours by speedboat
Sangalaki to Kakaban 15 minutes by speedboat

How To Get There
Berau international airport with direct Flights to Balikpapan, Samarinda, Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Tarakan, and connection to Derawan Overland and by speedboat

Things To Bring
Long wear
Towel, soap and personal needs
Torch/Flash light
Waterproof bag (for documents and electronics)

Explore Derawan Maritime Sea Life & Visit Bajau Tribe to discover the Culture
Derawan Culture is of the nomadic seamen Bajau tribe who are the ancient sea fishermen, living in harmony with the sea, in their stilt sea houses.
Explore the exotic underwater life of Derawan Archipelago islands along East Kalimantan coast, of, green Turtles, Mantas, Napoleons, purple sea horses, tunitates, dwarf scorpion fishes, scorpionfishes, jawfishes, mandarin fishes, frogfishes and ribbon eels, and jelly fish, and the coral reefs.

General Information
East Kalimantan Province area is 145,534 square kilometers, with a 3 million population

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