East Kalimantan

Artistic traditions of the islands indigenous Dayak

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Welcome to East Kalimantan

The province of East Kalimantan serves as a gateway to other destinations on Kalimantan Island. Most tourism destinations, such as the Dayak settlements in the hinterland along the big rivers, can be reached from here, moreover, a visit to Kalimantan does not seems complete without a visit to East Kalimantan.

The province of East Kalimantan occupies an area of 145,000 square kilometres. It is the biggest province of Kalimantan, while recently split up in two with North Kalimantan since October 2012. It has a population of more than three million.

The forests of East Kalimantan contain a wealth of rare flora and fauna. The black Orchid (Clogena pandurata), Nephents Amularia and Rattan vines growing up to 200 meters long, grow in these forests. So do various species of valuable tropical hardwoods.
Among the animal species typical of Kalimantan, living in the forests are chimpanzees (Pongee pygmaeus), bekantan (Nasalis Larvatus), Mahakam fresh - water dolphins or pesut (Orcela fluminalis) and many bird varieties.

The cultural and artistic traditions of the islands indigenous Dayak population are still preserved in this region, especially in the hinterland of East Kalimantan. Sailing up the streams near the Malaysian border, one can still meet Traditional Dayak settlements than seem to have been little touched by the advent of modernity.

Samarinda is the provincial capital of East Kalimantan. Located on the Mahakam river, the Mahakam River as the main infrastructure channel is the start for the deep interior jungle trips and visit the Dayak settlements along the river banks.
Samarinda itself has the second largest Mosque in Indonesia, scattered along the Mahakam River bank. The Sarong weaving home industry is famous in Indonesia, due of it quality, both are worth a visit

Balikpapan is the oil town, located at the coast of East Kalimantan, and has developed several tourism attractions, as Samboja Lestari park, a rehabilitation center for Orangutans.
At KM22 a Sun-bear rehabilitation with botanic garden can be found.
Not to forget Bukit Bankirai hard wooden forest, a jungle hill side with many different kind of hard wooden species, climb the Tree Top Tower bridge to get to the top of the Jungle and enjoy a nice view over Kalimantan’s emerald Rain Forest.
Black River as a side river of the Balikpapan bay, where you can spot proboscis monkeys with a canoe sail through the mangrove forest

Berau, as the entry point for the leisure escape of bounty beaches and beauty sea world of the Derawan archipelago with the island Kakaban, Maratua, and Sangalaki. Berau how-ever has wide rain forest blocks with diverse flora and fauna as orangutans, along the rivers Dayak settlements can be found

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