Irrawaddy Dolphins

Kalimantan Fresh Water Dolphins

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Irrawaddy Fresh Water Dolphins Mahakam River

The Irrawaddy dolphin can be found at Indonesian Borneo, the Amazon of South America, and the Mekong River.

The Irrawaddy fresh water dolphin can be found in the Mahakam River at East Kalimantan, and the Sesayap River in North Kalimantan. The Irrawaddy dolphin is localy called "Pesut" ( Fresh Water dolphin ) and mostly seen during sun set hours.

If one is lucky, one might see a pesut in the Mahakam river, during a cruise arround Muara Muntai and Muara Kaman, in the delta streams of the smaller rivers and Jempang lake where they colide in to the Mahakam River.

RASI ( Rare Aqua Species Indonesia ) give concern since early year 2000 to the Irrawaddy dolphins of Kalimantan as the number already slinked below the 100 dolphins which habitat in the Mahakam River, due of boat traffic and fishing nets.

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5 Days Cascade Mahakam River Cruise

Mahakam River cruise, the highway in to the deep interior of Kalimantan, we will visit Dayak villages along the side river banks, to explore their authentic culture and longhouses. Vist Kersik Luwai Orchid Park. When lucky we spot the Fresh Water Dolphins during the cruise.

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