Eco Lodge Teluk Sumbang

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Beach & Jungle Eco Lodge Teluk Sumbang

Eco-Lodge Teluk Sumbang Borneo offer a true eco tourism destination at Kalimantan. Stay at our eco-lodge at the foot of the Mangkalihat mountain in the Bay of Teluk Sumbang. From the Eco-lodge you overlook the white beach and blue lagoon sea below the palm trees in front, and the dense jungle in the back, which make it one of the most stunning eco tourism location at Kalimantan.

The Eco Lodge is equipted with solar pannels for the electricity and fresh water supply from the Karst mountain. The natural design of the lodge reflect the nuance of the surrounding purity of Kalimantan.

Eco-tourism Activities

Teluk Sumbang is a recommended tourist spot for everyone. Visitors can explore and enjoy the virgin diversity of Borneo 's flora, fauna and local Dayak Tribal culture.
The flora and fauna include Waterfalls, and Teluk Sumbang Beach with sea coral reefs.
In terms of nuance, Teluk Sumbang features a peaceful atmosphere, of surrounded jungle mountains and blue lagoon sea which provide fresh air in a comfortable shade.
The Dayak Basap settlement, is traditional and simple, not influenced by modern technology and contemporary culture. Such purity indeed satisfies tourist visiting Teluk Sumbang. Tourists can enjoy the local culture and interesting specialties like traditional foods, dances, and arts.

Exploring Teluk Sumbang

It is without a doubt that the virgin nature becomes the main attraction, from trekking the rain forest, Karst Caves, and Mountain, dive or snorkeling the coral reefs of the sea, or chilling at the white bounty palm beach.
Some of the Dayak Basap tribe also still lives in caves in the Mangkaliat Mountain of Borneo far from a modern way of living. The fact is that Teluk Sumbang is also recognized for its nature attractions. The famous stunning white sand Batu Berdiri Beach and the coral reefs in the sea, the Turttle Beach, Kaniungan island for the sea lovers, other interesting tourist spots, is the virgin forest, waterfalls, and wildlife from proboscis monkeys (endemic Borneo Longnose Monkeys) to orangutans and sun bears won’t make visitors get bored when exploring Teluk Sumbang. All these spots can be reached easily from your eco-lodge, at a walk distance.

Nearby Attractions Teluk Sumbang

  • Batu Berdiri Beach
  • Bidadari Waterfall
  • Dayak Basap Settlement
  • Mangkaliat Mountain Karst Caves
  • Rain Forest trek & wildlife
  • Jungle off road adventure
  • Kayaking the Bay Mangrove forest
  • Dive & Snorkeling Coral Reefs
  • Kaniungan Island
  • Turttle Bay
  • Labuan Cermin
  • Whale Shark

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