Off Road Berau Teluk Sumbang

adventure the deep jungle of Berau Borneo

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Jungle Off Road Adventure from Teluk Sumbang eco-lodge

Explore Kalimantan jungles by an off-road journey in the interior of Teluk Sumbang Mangkalihat Karst Mountain in Berau regency of East Kalimantan. The off the beaten treck muddy paths will let you pass rough terrain of undiscovered rainforest through low-level rivers, bailey or rudimentary, and on secondary gravel roads the deep and secret jungle while enjoying the ever-changing view of the local landscape. The 4WD experience covers medium to challenging core terrain where the tropical weather really plays a part in determining the level of difficulty. The journey may be delayed due to landslides, large fallen trees or over flooded river during the off road adventure.

Off Road Mangkaliat Mountain

The wide jungle of Mangkaliat mountain at Teluk Sumbang suit for any-one who is hungry for a pure adventure. If there was a land that exudes intrigue and defines nature, it can be none other than this lush natural jewel of Borneo. Whether the world’s largest raflesia flower, beach bumming, driving, or trekking, your time here will consist of wide-ranging experiences all condensed into one. Our off road expedition into Kalimantan lost secret undiscovered World of nature rainforest paradise, complete with jungles pulsing with endemic species. The distinctive Proboscis Monkey, lizards, deer and the iconic Orangutan await to cross our path! Little can compare to a Teluk Sumbang Berau Borneo 4×4 adventure discovery experience.

The towering trees of the virgin rain forest at Teluk Sumbang is one of the last jungle blocks at Borneo. Off road 4 wheel drive cars lead you over the muddy paths in to the streched forest of this mountain area, and give you moments of stunning views over the emerald jungle of Kalimantan.

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