Central Kalimantan

Known of it wide Jungle and Orangutan wildlife

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Central Kalimantan Travelers Information

Central Kalimantan is well known of its tourism attraction Tanjung Puting Park, the wildlife reserve offers relax comfortable klotok boat jungle cruise trips up the Sekonyer River through the lowland rain forest. During your tour you can enjoy the swinging monkeys from tree to tree along the river banks, watch-out for the crocodiles in the river, and the flying hornbills who dominate the roof of the forest. Tanjung Puting National Park has several eco-systems, from lowland tropical rain forest which is the main forest type, the dryland forest, freshwater swamp forest, and mangrove forest which make your journey spectacular. The wild flora and fauna of Tanjung Puting park is diverse, from the endemic animal species as Borneo orangutan, proboscis monkey, sun bear, clouded leopard, and the leopard cat, beside the more then 500 bird species and orchids, pitcher plants below the towering dipterocarp trees.
Tanjung Puting Park was the first place in Indonesia with an orangutan rehabilitation center. Now-a-days there are three rehabilitation centers, Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui, and Camp Leakey.

Palangkaraya is the capital of Indonesia Central Kalimantan province in Borneo Island, covering a 153,800 square kilometers, more then 80% of the area is covered with dense jungle, while swamps, rivers, and lakes take approximately 2 % and agriculture land about 3 % of the area. Palangkaraya connect the hinterland of Central Kalimantan by the Kahayan river and its side rivers as the Rungan and Katingan River systems. The outer northern corner of the province is mountainous, with the Meratus Mountains heading towards South Kalimantan, and Bukit Raya mountain range reach far into West Kalimantan province. The rough hinterland terrain has limited transport facilities where the river rapids make travel access extremely adventures.
Almost four-fifths of Central Kalimantan is made up of dense and fertile tropical forests, producing valuable commodities such as rattan, resin and the best woods products of Indonesia.

Central Kalimantan is inhabited by just about three million people, counting a few indigenous Dayak tribes, comprising the sub-Ngaju tribes, as the Dayak Ot Danum, Dayak Ma'anyan Ot Siang, Lawangan, and Katingan. At the Upper stream of the Barito River the Dayak Ot Olong-olong and Penyawung people live in small jungle settlements near the Mahakam river. Their livelihood in the un-accessible villages kept their traditions and mystic culture and kaharingan animism believes in harmony with the nature, as nomadic hunters, moving from one jungle region to another. The Ot Danum Dayak population inhabit the upstream regions of the Kahayan River, in their wooden longhouses called "Betang" which accommodate up to 50 families. A Sandung, is a wooden building to keep the ashes of the dead people, after cremation. You can find old Sandungs at Tuwung village, in the upstream area of the Kahayan River and in Bukit Rawi (north of Palangkaraya) and Pohandut (near Palangkaraya). The roof of a sandung is ornamented with the enggang (hornbill) or dragon motif. The hornbill bird is the forest ruler symbol and a carrier of the sole to heaven as their beliefs. The dragon is a symbol of common people.

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