Cross Borneo Malaysian - Indonesian Border

Information to cross the border overland in to Kalimantan Indonesia

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Cross The Kalimantan - Sabah - Sarawak Border

o cross the border between West Kalimantan and Sarawak, proceeds towards Bengkayang, and continue towards the north, passing the villages Ledo, and Sanggauledo up to Seluas before reaching Entekong as the last village on the Indonesian side of the border. At the Border there is an immigration post, from Entekong, you can walk for about 20 minutes before entering Malaysian territory. Locals have a special passport issued by the provincial government of West Kalimantan, to enter Sarawak and to trade on a small scale and buy their daily needs. After crossing the Border to The Malaysian Part of Borneo Island Sarawak there is a terminal for taxis that can take the traveler to Kuching and other places in Sarawak.

To Cross The Border between Malaysian Sabah and North Kalimantan, one can fly from Tawau to Tarakan, or by ferry boat from Tawau to Nunukan Island.

For immigration and Visa arrangements, check for latest updates to cross the borders overland between Malaysian Borneo Sabah or Sarawak to or from Indonesia Kalimantan Borneo Island

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