Kalimantan Travel Destination Guide

When you want to travel Indonesian part of Borneo 's Island Kalimantan, and you think that you won’t have to book a guided tour in advance, we pin you to read the specialized Borneo or Kalimantan Island travel guidebooks first, who will inform you about the hassles to expect at your arrival, before visiting the island. One of the main obstacles for visiting Kalimantan island as an unknown tourist, is the big deal about needing Bahasa Indonesia to negotiate your way around Kalimantan. Other travel tips as undeveloped tourism facilities, finding travel mates, or guide tour operators in the rough terrain, and the long distance over poor infrastructure channels between the tourist destinations throughout the island, are mostly mentioned in detail in all Guidebooks.
English language is far less spoken by the Kalimantan people than say, in Kuching at Sarawak or Kota Kinabalu in Sabah across the Borneo border. Getting some-where in Kalimantan island you will need patience and eventually lots of help.
Locals how-ever, seldom see foreign travelers and are enormously friendly, as a tourist you need patient skills and be good natured to order your hotel room, food, or find your way throughout your Kalimantan trip, to not to be strangled by the language.

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Central Kalimantan

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