Kapuas River Kalimantan

The Longest river in Indonesia

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Kapuas River Kalimantan

The Kapuas River at Indonesia Borneo Island is the Longest in Indonesia. Pontianak lies on the Kapuas river where many houses are built over the waterline and are connected with each other by wooden bridges. Small boats sail up and down the Kapuas river to transport people and goods from one place to another. Pontianak is known as a producer of oranges, although the fruits are actually grown in the Tebas district, far upstream north of the city. Pontianak has some attractive tourism objects. The city is located on the equator, at the north of the rivers Kapuas and Landak.
The Kapuas is 1,100 kilometers long and is the most important river in the area. The Kapuas river has large lake as Lake Sentarum, Lake Bekuan, Lake Geneli, Lake Tang, Lake Merekas and Lake Kemeryan. The mountains in the upper stream of the Kapuas are Betung, Uluselua, Harung and Piabung. Putussibau is the last small town about 800km upstream which can be reached by large boats, from there only smaller boats can get further, to the last village Tanjung Lokan.
Tourism attractions of the Kapuas River are the local villages and tribes, a Dayak longhouse is found at Melapi village, and stone axes from prehistoric times can be seen in Naga Belang.
From Bengkayang, one can travel into the hinterland and meet the Bekati people, one of the Dayak sub-tribes living in West Kalimantan.
The Sompu Waterfall is not less attractive. It is three meters high and is surrounded by dramatic scenery. It can be reached either over land or over the Kapuas river. An inscribed stone is found in the Nangmahap district, near Pahit, on the Tekaret river. It is believed to date from the fifth century and bears the relief of the phallus symbol as well as inscriptions in Palawa script, proclaiming some of the tenets of Buddhism. The stone is rather huge. The highest part is 9.90 meters tall. It is 5.10 meters wide and the circumference is 15 meters.

Kapuas River Travel information

Tour Destination :
Indonesia, Kapuas River West Kalimantan

Main Interest & Things to do :
Dayak Culture and Jungle Trek
Kapuas River is with the more then 1.100 km the longest River in Indonesia, and the second Longest in the world, recommended visit time is 4 or 8 days
Dayak Culture and Longhouse can be found all along the Kapuas River
Jungle Trek can be done in the upper parts of the Kapuas River, including a climb of the Mount Kelam, and crossing to East Kalimantan via the Muller Mountains.

Culture :
Dayak Iban and Sub Tribes

Flora & Fauna :
Swamp wetland, low land rain forest, rain forest, cloud rain forest

Starting Point :
Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Transport Possibilities :
by Public Bus from Pontianak to Putussibau Regency, or by public boat (called "Batang") to Putussibau, estimated travel time 2 days to reach the Upper Kapuas River, by Chartered car or speedboat you can reduce it with a day.

Tour Ending Point :
Pontianak, also possible to Trek via the Muller Mountains and cruise down the Mahakam River to Samarinda, Balikpapan

Travel Distance to entry point :
Kapuas River is along Pontianak city

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 3 to 9 Days

Accommodation & Hotels :
Simple Hotels or Local houses and Jungle Camp for trekking

Tour Grade :
Moderate to Challenging

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