National Parks & Reserves of Borneo

comprises the rainforest and forms an important refuge for endemic species of Borneo

Kayan Mentarang Park Cloud Rainforest

Kayan Mentarang National Park covers an area of 1,600,000 ha and is located in the far interior of North Kalimantan province. The park comprises the largest remaining block of rainforest in the heart of Borneo and forms a very important refuge for numerous animal species, including many species that are endemic to the Bornean mountain bioregion

Kutai Park wild Orangutans

Kutai National Park is a lowland forest area with a number of principal vegetation types, including coastal/mangrove forest, freshwater swamp forest, kerangas forest, lowland flooding forest, the ulin hardwooden tress, the meranti and kapur forest, and the mixed Dipterocarpaceae forest. This Park is also part of a large pristine ulin forest in Indonesia

Gunung Palung Tropical flora & fauna

This 100,000 ha (241,700 acres) park is located on the southwestern coast of Borneo. It is rich in rain forest habitats, plant and animal biodiversity. It has coastal mangrove forest and fresh and brackish water swamp forest, lowland swamp forest, various types of lowland forest, submontane and montane forest. Until recently its wildlife populations were undisturbed

Kersik Luway Park

Kersik Luway is nature reserve between Melak and Barong Tongkok, has various species of wild orchids and pitcher plants. The "Black Orchid" (Coelogyne pandurata) which blossoms between April and December, grows on shrubs in this 5,000 hectare reserve. More then hundred of other wild orchid species grow in this forest located at the middle Mahakam River area

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