Pampang Dayak Culture Village

their arts are extra ordinary vibrant designs

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Pampang Dayak Kenyah Village

Pampang is located about 40km north of Samarinda city. The Dayak village is from early 1970, when the Dayak Kenyah and Dayak Kayan tribes migrated from the isolated Apokayan highlands downstream to more accessable locations. Now-a-days Pampang is a cultural Dayak village with regular ceremonies, and Dayak art full longhouse. Some of the Dayak people are still have long ears, and Tattoo, which make it all an moment of one of the last memorable Dayak Culture signs, in the rapidly changing Kalimantan development.
Samarinda is the capital town of East Kalimantan and located about fifty kilometers upstream from the mouth of the Mahakam River. It's a trading town established in 1730, much cheaper and easier going instead of Balikpapan. For inland tourism Samarinda is the starting point for exciting Mahakam River, Jungle and Cultural Dayak adventure.

Pampang Dayak Culture Village Travel Information

Tour Destination :
Dayak Pampang Village

Main Interest & Tour Activities :
Dayak Kenyah and Dayak Kayan settlement, Pampang is a Dayak village with it's roots of the Apokayan, as a Apokayan transmigration project.Ceremonies are held each Sunday, or at weekdays upon request only

Culture :
Dayak Kenyah and Dayak Kayan

Flora & Fauna :
Farming and Lowland Rain Forest

Tour Starting Point :
Balikpapan, Samarinda East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tour Transport Possibilities :
by car or public bus from Balikpapan to Samarinda, continue by public bus or car to Pampang is 3 hours from Balikpapan and 1 hour from Samarinda.

Tour Ending Point :
Balikpapan, Samarinda East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Travel Distance to entry point :
150 Km from Balikpapan Airport, and 20Km from Samarinda airport

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 1 Day

Hotels & Accommodation :
No accommodation at Pampang village
All kinds of Hotels in Samarinda town, from guesthouses to international star hotels

Tour Grade :

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