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Tourist famous spot of Kalimantan as the Indonesian chunk of Borneo, known for its secret jungle river rain forest cruise adventure orangutan trips, while Tanjung Putting is filled until the brim with wildlife, including proboscis monkeys, several leaf monkeys, alligators and multiple birds species, come and visit the endangered and protected animal species in their wild habitat

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Tanjung Puting National Park of Borneo

Tanjung Puting Park was the first place in Indonesia to become a rehabilitation center for orangutans in 1971 when Camp Leakey was established by Dr Birute Galdikas. Now-a-days, three orangutan rehabilitation locations are operating, as Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui, and Camp Leakey. The reserve is home to endangered and protected animal species which inhabiting the rain forest. Among the wildlife species are the orangutan (Pongo satyrus), proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus), maroon leaf monkey (Presbytis rubicunda rubida), sun bear (Helarctos malayanus euryspilus), Lesser Malay mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus klossii), clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa), and leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis borneoensis) of wild Borneo Island.

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Orangutan Tours & Rainforest Wildlife

At your tour through Tanjung Putting Park, the main attraction are the orangutans, while the longnose proboscis monkeys who are endemic Borneo species, the long-tailed macaques, agile gibbon, boar, clouded leopard, civets, Malaysian sun bear, three species of deer and wild cattle known as banteng. Crocodiles, water monitors, turtles and some highly endangered species of frog and fish thrive in the swampy waterways, hornbills birds who rule the forest roof in the enormous variety of the flora eco-system make it a pleasant all out trip for tourist visitors to explore the endangered spieces of fauna at Kalimantan as the Indonesian part of Borneo Island.

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Camp Leakey

Founded by Birute Galdikas early seventies as the first rehabilition center of Orangutans in Indonesia Borneo primary forest, which could let them fast adobt as former pets back in their natural habitat.
Camp Leakey is the ultimate location for a Jungle trek spotting orangutans and wildlife, as probiscis Longnose monkeys, birds and other animals during the safari cruise up the Sekonyer river in to Tanjung Puting Reserve.
Kalimantan Nature Reserve, has the oldest ecological wealth of rainforest flora and fauna on earth, from coast featured mangroves swamps, and low-land rain forest, to dense highland jungle, with Towering dipterocarpus trees, valuable ebony and iron wood trees are scattered throughout.

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Pondok Tanggui

Pondok Tanggui, a rehabilitation center for orangutan in the deep jungle of Kalimantan. The journey starts from Kumai harbor cruising upstream Sekonyer River to encounter a remarkable wildlife experience of amazing animal creatures that are endemic to Borneo island wilderness.

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Pelasat, Tanjung Harapan & Sekonyer River

Pelasat Forest Replantation side, is a reforestry Conservation and Education zone of Tanjung Puting where tourist can learn about the environment of Borneo rainforest and plant a tree as help to sustain our forest and orangutan wildlife future.
Tanjung Harapan village where locals established a conservation zone to protect the forest for sustainable tourism
Sekonyer River is the gateway to cruise in to Tanjung Puting Park black river lowland and swamp forest, to explore the wildlife.

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