Berau & Tarakan Gateway Borneo

The Gateway Trip to Visit Derawan Kalimantan

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Berau Tourism hotspot of Kalimantan

Tanjung Redep, the capital of the Berau regency has a population of about 150,000, and is reachable from Samarinda or Balikpapan. There are motorboats and speedboats from Tanjung Redep to Tarakan, The place can also be reached over sea from Tarakan, in six to nine hours.

Tanjung Selor is the capital of North Kalimantan province, along the Kayan River of the Bulungan regency and a relatively busy town as a transit harbor to the deep heart of Borneo ( Kayan Mentarang Reserve ). Transportation to Tarakan Island as the transit and gateway hub to North Kalimantan, is smooth and available daily.

Nunukan, a small but booming town connecting Kalimantan with Malaysian Sabah, and is now-a-days referred a trade center between Malaysian and Indonesian part of Borneo. Many small hotels and restaurants are available. Motor boats connect Tarakan with Nunukan every day. There are also ferry and motorboats departing from Nunukan to Tawau and Sabah every morning. The distance between Nunukan and Tawau is 30 miles, and can be covered in one hour by ferry boat. For border crossings, please read the information on Visa and How To Get There sites that you can find under the travel tips chapter at the navigation bar.

Berau & Tarakan Travel Information

Tour Destination :
Tanjung Redeb Berau East Kalimantan, Tanjung Selor Bulungan, Tarakan, North Kalimantan

Main Interest & Tour Activity :
Visit the local Museum with history arts of the Berau Sultancy at Tanjung Redep, which is also the jump off point for chilling the white palm beaches or Dive and snorkel the undersea coral reefs of the Derawan Archipelago, including Sangalaki Turtle beach and Manta ray, Kakaban Mangrove Yelly Fish lake, Nabucco private island dive resot in the atol of Maratua.
Recommended visit time for Derawan Islands is 3 to 10 days
Tarakan as a transit place between Sabah and Kalimantan, is offering several tourism destinations including the Japanese and Australian historical monuments and bunkers of world war two.
Kayan Mentarang Reserve could be an optional visit to find some of Borneo's tropical Flora and Fauna of the Kalimantans jungle and rainforest, recommended visit time for Kayan Mentarang Reserve is 5 to 8 days, which can be reached via the Kayan River of by (chartered) flight from Tarakan.

Culture :
Dayak & Bajau

Flora & Fauna :
Coral Reefs at Derawan Archipelago Islands, Sangalaki Island Resort with Turtle beach and Manta ray, Kakaban Mangrove island with Jelly Fish lake
Cloud Rainforest of Kayan Mentarang National Park as a Nature Reserve in the heart of Borneo

Tour Starting Point :
Balikpapan, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, either Tarakan at North Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tour Transport Possibilities :
by Flight from Balikpapan or Samarinda to Berau / Tanjung Redeb, or direct from Jakarta to Tarakan, continue by plane to Tanjung Redeb or by speedboat, estimated travel by speedboat is between the 3 and 4 hours to reach Tanjung Redeb.

Tour Ending Point :
Balikpapan or Tarakan, from Tarakan you can cross the border via Nunukan to the City Tawau in Malaysia

Travel Distance to entry point :
600 Km from Balikpapan Airport, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
200 km from Tarakan Airport, North Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 2 to 5 Days

Tour Grade :

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