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current situation of COVID-19 in Indonesia

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Corona Virus & Tourism

Since 01 June 2020 Indonesia’s authorities are resuming the smart lock-down for daily activities at government and company offices, tourism attractions, etc. to the “New Normal” protocol. The COVID-19 Task Force are ready to adopt the new normal way of life, following a strict health protocol. Now Indonesia is re-open tourism attractions, as the global crises and impact of the cornona virus is still cause transmision of the desease world wide, therefor the Indonesian government has a Health Protocol for Handling travelers throughout the country, while each district or province could have other strictions and or rules as upon the spread and transmission of the virus which is eveluated per week schedule, for the details of the latest Kalimantan travel health protocol, feel free to contact us.

De' Gigant Tours

We have opened ourself to a new dawn, you are welcome back to discover Kalimantan lush rainforest and indigenous Dayak tribes.
Things have changed and we shall spend every attention to the health and safety of all our customers as our priority to meet the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia
We have never stopped working during the past months, and still do particly from home, and office to serve our customers and partners better and in the most healthy way.
Our Sales and marketing team, will serve you in the same devotion which you can expect from us.

Indonesia Travel Bubble

Indonesia has begun easing local life restrictions as per 01 June, now the government is planning to easy travel restrictions for domestic travellers, and is seemingly looking into creating a “travel bubble” for international countries by the end of 2020.
The term “travel bubble” or also known as a “travel corridor” refers to an agreement in between countries that are successfully containing the outbreak can open their borders at both sides to each other to allow free movement of tourist and business travelers within the bubble. While the government is coordinating with lot’s of countries around the world, to create the Travel bubble, for urgent visits to Indonesia, one can request a visa at the nearby Indonesian embassy
For the latest updates of tourism visitors out of countries to Indonesia, please check again soon, as we will keep update this post frequently.

Passengers on International & Domestic Flights

For the time being passenger shall bring a travel permit signed by a relevant official, official travel itinerary or travel permit for an employer if the passenger is at a work visit.
Health Certificate based upon a Covid-19 virus test concerning the Control on the Spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia
Every passenger who has fulfilled the requirements as stipulated above, must fill in the form which is available at the airline company you use or you can request the form by email to us.
You could show an original Passport or other valid identification cards
Passengers must bring copies of the necessary documents and identity card prior arriving at the Airport and report to the Check-in Official.

Re-opening of Indonesian National Parks

The Indonesian national task force for COVID-19 has announced that natural tourism venues and activities in 29 tourism areas, include maritime, conservation and ecosystem-based activities in green and yellow zones located in the provinces of Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, East Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, South Sumatra and Bali areas can be re-opened between 01 and 15 July 2020 gradually with domestic visitors limit of 50 percent of normal capacity.
With the re-opening of the natural tourism areas, all tourist visitors, tour operators, regional communities and management of all the stakeholders involved, has to implement strong health protocols.

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