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Muara Teweh at the Border of Central Kalimantan

Muarateweh is a quite busy and big town for a far upstream located place along the Barito River, as it is the connecting point to several destinations. A busy terminal serves both river and land communications, while a air-strip serve several routes in South Kalimantan.
Buntok is the capital of the Barito Selatan regency. Wildlife as Orangutans, monkeys, and bird species can be found in the Forest around Buntok, with beautiful jungle creeks, and you may like to visit Liang Saragi, an attractive cave with 17 tunnels.
The longhouse of Makonjun stands in Makonjun village, can be reached in two hours by motorized-canoe from Muara Teweh. The longhouse was built almost 100 years ago, and has a lenght of about 100 meters.

Muara Teweh Travellers Information

Tour Destination :
MuaraTeweh, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Main Interest & Things to do :
Buntok sits on the road junction between Banjarmasin, From Buntok, one can visit Liang Saragi, a cave with 17tunnels. It is very attractive cave and is much visited by the people. It is a located in Tamiang Layang a small town in the Dusun Timur district bordering the province of South Kalimantan. Attractive hot-water-spring are found in Ampah, 70 kilometers from Buntok Tanjung. Liang Ayah is nearby.
The Jungle forest around Buntok has Orangutans, as one of the main attraction, and place where Orangutans are living outside of a conservation area as a National Park or Reserve, in their wild habitat, near the orangutans, also Lizards, several monekys species, and birds can be found, with beautiful creeks which you will pass when sailing the small rivers.
Lake Melawen is five kilometers away from Buntok, near the airstrip. Small motorboats are available for boating or fishing. Melawen can be reached From Palangkaraya or Banjarmasin. It can also be reached by sailing up the Barito river while enjoying the scenery. The lake is a popular holiday resort.
The longhouse of Makonjun stands in Makonjun village, Lahei district, not far from Muaralahai. It can be reached by motorboat from Muarateweh in two hours. The iron-wood house was built in 1930. It is 100 meters long. The Makonjun longhouse is quite modern as Dayak longhouses go.
In Purukcahu, on the Barito river, the houses are built in a row alongside the river. The scenery around this town is beautiful and the air is fresh. A sign at the port says Welcome to Purukcahu.
For those interested in history and culture there are the house of Temanggung Suropati and the grave of H.M. Seman. One can see the longhouses at Kunut Paraci, and Orung Apat in the Tanahsiang district. There is also the Fort of Beras Kuning, in the Murung district.
The waterfalls of Koloubesar and Poran are found not far from Purukcahu. The wildlife reserves Bararawan I and II in the area are very attractive.

Culture :
Dayak Ot Danum, Dayak Ngaju

Flora & Fauna :
Low land Tropical Rainforest and Wild life

Tour Starting Point :
Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tour Transport Possibilities :
Public transport facilities like boats and buses are availeble

Tour Ending Point :
Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Travel Distance to entry point :

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 3 to 4 Days

Accommodations & Hotels :
Simple Hotels, Local houses, jungle camp

Tour Grade :

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