Turtle Bay Teluk Sumbang Berau

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Turtle Bay

Enter another dimension when you explore the tropical underwater world of Teluk Sumbang Indonesian Borneo! After a short boat ride along the white sand beaches with coconut trees, its time for a swim alongside the sea turtles (but don’t touch!) and Listen for the underwater sounds of the whales and dolphins that might be arround.

From Teluk Sumbang you will make your way into the clear, warm waters to get up close and personal with sea turtles. You can also take the opportunity for a quick snorkel or just relax on the white, sandy palm beaches before indulging in a delicious culinary lunch with seasonal fruits.

Many parts of Indonesian Borneo island has been inhabited for thousands of years, the oldest archaeological cave evidence dates to 3000 years ago. Which kept the island virgin from human touch and is one of the last blocks of diverse flora and fauna wonders in the world

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