Amandit River Kalimantan

Rafting the Amandit RiverBorneo

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Amandit River & Meratus Mountain

Amandit River in Loksado Area is an attractive place for nature tourism on a plateau in the Meratus mountains, about 165 kilometers from Banjarmasin or about 40 kilometers east side of Kandangan. The first site of interest is Lumpangi about 24 kilometers from Kandangan, which can be reached by car in about two hours. From Lumpangi, Muara Hatib (Loksado) can only be reached by trekking, which is a four hour hike. During the trekking, the tourists can enjoy nature at its best in Loksado. Several forest trekking trails are available, some over the hills, other challenging mountains trails that has to be climbed, all paths crossing native villages along the way. There are 20 typical local houses around Loksado The typical traditional house here is 30 by 40 meters large. Each house is occupied by ten families, or as many as 120 people. A tribal ceremony called Aruh Ganal is held during the harvest season. There is also a ritual to heal patients. Both are held inside the longhouse.

Amandit River Travellers Information

Tour Destination :
Amandit River, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Main Interest & Things to do :
Bamboo Rafting, Dayak Culture and Jungle Trek Bamboo Rafting can be done in the Loksado area, recommended visit time is 1 or 2 days Dayak Culture and Longhouse can be found in the area of Muara Hatip, recommended visit time 1 or 2 days. Jungle Trek can be done in the Meratus Mountain west of Loksado, recommended visit time is 1 to 4 days, for trekking to Palangkaraya about 7 to 9 days

Culture :
Dayak & Banjarnese

Flora & Fauna :
Swamp Forest, Peat Swamp Forest, Low Land Rainforest & Cloud Rain Forest

Tour Starting Point :
Banjarmasin either Balikpapan

Tour Transport Possibilities :
by Public Bus from Balikpapan or Banjarmasin to Kandangan Regency, continue by local public transport, estimated travel time between the 5 and 6 hours to reach Amandit River
From Banjarmasin by Chartered car directly about 4 hours.

Tour Ending Point :
Banjarmasin or Balikpapan, also possible to Trek via the Meratus Mountains to Palangkaraya

Travel Distance from entry point :
150 Km to from Banjarmasin Airport, 400 km from Balikpapan Airport

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 3 to 4 Days

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