Sintang Borneo 's jungle

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Visit Sintang along the Kapuas River

Sintang city as the capital of the Sintang regency, is easy reachable from Pontianak, over land, either by river or air. Sintang is connected by roads with Pontianak, or via Rivers as Pinyuh, Sidas Ngabang, Sanggau, Semunati and Sekadau.
The name Sintang comes from "senetang", which in the local Dayak language means a place near a river and its tributary.
The founder of Sintang was Demang Irawan, alias Jubairi, the eleventh descendant of Aji Melayu, a very wise and brave king in the Sepauk region.

Among the remains of Aji Melayu's kingdom are Batu Pujaan (sacred stone), the Batu Kabut (misty stone), both of which bear an image of the Buddha. All these, as well as Aji Melayu's grave, can be seen in Nanga Sepuak.
Sintang has a few sites of historical interest. Among them are the Sintang Museum which is the former palace of Sintang kingdom, built in 1937 by Panembahan Raden Abdul Bahri Danu Perdana. The kingdom's symbol, in the shape of an eagle, is preserved in the museum together with seven cannons.

Sintang Travel Information

Destination :
Sintang West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Main Interest & Tour Activities :
Kapuas River cruise
Jungle Trek, diverse flora and fauna
Gunung Palung reserve with wild orangutans, and other excotic wildlife,as crocodiles,several birds species, and many flower spieces can be found here.
Visiting the Dayak Iban Longhouse.
Longhouses can also be found at the upper Kapuas River.
Mount Kelam Climb expedition

Culture :

Flora & Fauna :
Tropical Rainforest and Wildlife

Tour Starting Point :
Pontianak, West Kalimantan , Indonesia

Tour Transport Possibilities :
by car or public bus or ferry boat from Pontianak to several destinations inland west Kalimantan
Pontianak is reachable by flight from several destinations, as Batam, Jakarta,Surabaya, and Kucing.

Tour Ending Point :
Pontianak or for the cross West to East Kalimantan trip Balikpapan

Travel Distance to entry point :

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 5 to 8 Days

Accommodation & Hotels :
Simple Hotels

Tour Grade :
Moderate to challenging

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