Kandangan South Kalimantan

At The Foot of Meratus Mountains

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Kandangan Village

Kandangan is the capital of the Hulu Sungai Selatan regency, 135 kilometers northeast of Banjarmasin. The town is inhabited by about 10,000 people, and lies on the main road that connects the coastal regions with the hinterland over the towns banjarmasin, Barabai, Amuntai, Tanjung, Balikpapan at East Kalimantan.
Several tourist spots can be found in the Padang Batung district, seven kilometers from Kandangan, such as Pantai Harapan, hot water springs, and the Pagat Batu Recreation Forest.

The Mount Meratus Jungle Tours are a collection of exploratories and Indonesia dream destination journeys that reflect the particular passions and favorite places. We created the Borneo adventure tours for those who search a indigenous Dayak Culture in the deep dense jungle with it unique tropical flora and fauna. Tourist will have an unforgettable experience trip at Indonesia Borneo Island, however, it is designed for those who are patients and adventurous in body and spirit.

Tour Destination :
Indonesia, Kalimantan, Banjarmasin, Kandangan

Main Interest & Things to do :
Bamboo Rafting, Dayak Culture and Jungle Trek
Bamboo Rafting can be done in the Kandangan Loksado area, recommended visit time is 1 or 2 days
Dayak Culture and Longhouse can be found in the area of Muara Hatip, recommended visit time 1 or 2 days
Jungle Trek can be done in the Meratus Mountain west of Loksado, recommended visit time is 1 to 4 days, for trekking to Palangkaraya about 7 to 9 days

Culture :
Dayak & Banjarnese

Flora & Fauna :
Low Land Rainforest

Tour Starting Point :
Banjarmasin either Balikpapan

Tour Transport Possibilities :
by Public Bus from Balikpapan or Banjarmasin to Kandangan Regency, estimated travel time between the 5 and 6 hours to reach Kandangan or Amandit River, by Chartered car directly about 4 hours.

Tour Ending Point :
Banjarmasin or Balikpapan, also possible to Trek via the Meratus Mountains to Palangkaraya

Travel Distance to entry point :
300 Km to from Banjarmasin Airport
400 km from Balikpapan Airport

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 3 to 4 Days

Accommodation & Hotels :
Hotels and Jungle Camp for trekking

Tour Grade :
Moderate / All ages

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