Setulang village in the Jungle

heart of Borneo transboundary

SetulangJungle forest trek, with the village Desa Setulang as the Tradition of the Dayak Kenyah and Dayak Punan tribe at Kalimantan Kayan Mentarang Safari Trips, Borneo Kayan Mentarang Park trips

Setulang Jungle at the Border of Kayan Mentarang Park

At the border in the heart of Borneo Kayan Mentarang, the village Setulang with its Jungle area of almost 12.000 hectares can be found. The Setulang rainforest is one of the best accessable flora and fauna of North Kalimantan Province, you can enjoy the Dayak Culture of the settled Punan and Kenyah Tribes, who are living in their traditions of the forest surrounded.

Upon arrival in the Village you will be welcomed by a traditional ceremony as a believe of the Dayak Spiritual and Culture sense, The Main attrction for the nature lovers will be the Jungle Treks, with loops of one, two and or three days including overnights in the Jungle camp, while the wildlife is plenty and diverse from wild cats, leopards, monkeys, the mammals are keen to hide due the enemy of the hunting villagers. The intriguing history and traditional Dayak Kenyah and Punan Tribes, and its primary forest, The tourist will enjoy the wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive in this North Part of Kalimantan. The Setulang Trips are at a moderate level to explore the natural beauty of the oldest rainforest jungle in Indonesia.

History of Setulang
The People of Setulang are migrated Dayak Kenyah from the Pujungan River area, as a remote location, more then 100km inland of Setulang. Now the Setulang Kenyah have easy access to the markets of Malinau to trade the farm goods of the land cultivation, meat and skins of their hunt and gathering.

The forest has never been logged, and totaly undisturbed from logging or local wood production, The more steep hilly area ( up to 500 meters above sea level ) is the habitat of the Bornean gibbon.
The forest vegetation of Setulang is classified in lowland and dipterocarp forest, with more then 20 Dipterocarpaceae tree species, and is the highest density dipterocarp trees in Kalimantan.
Setulang Forest triangle is part of the heart of Borneo transboundary area which spent from Brunai, Sabah to Setulang, with Sunbears, probiscis Monkeys, Hornbill birds, and lots of other mammals, recorded by locals, as research is almost never done before

The indigenous Dayak settlements along the Rivers of Kalimantan is an ideal way to experience the incredible culture, where village elders practice traditional medicine and mark their status with intricate body tattoos and remarkably heavy ear adornments, we will be warmly welcomed guests in their traditional longhouses. At Borneo you can enjoy a sightful experience of traditional culture and grand diversity of exotic flora and wildlife from black orchids to fresh water dolphins and orangutans, and venture ashore for captivating jungle explorations and unforgettable encounters in our village visits.

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